Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No photos today, I just want to add to many blogs I've been catching up on. So many of you have great goals for 2007 that I'm thinking of setting my own. I don't usually do resolutions or goals because I'm such a slouch and procrastinator.
Today, Mike and I are finishing up my new and improved panto storage!!! I've had it with crawling around on the floor for 1/2 hour every time I need a pattern. I'll take a couple of pictures, maybe it'll help someone else who is fighting with all their pantos.
I still have 2 pieced blocks of the Harvest Spice quilt to do, and then I can get to the putting together stage. I want this quilt done, I may be giving it to the Precious Twins as a wedding gift.

My main goal this year will be to stop procrastinating over the smallest thing. I drive myself and Mike crazy because I will put things off till the last minute and then laugh and say that I work well under the gun with a deadline. Well, guess what? This genius doesn't do well under pressure at all! So, I'm going to stop. End of discussion.

I was supposed to have another MRI this past week because this new doctor I'm going to says that she thinks I still have a pinched nerve. I say supposed to since Workers Comp hasn't authorized the MRI, so I'm completely at a standstill. If anyone knows what I can do, please feel free to email me privately or comment on the blog and let me know. I got hurt in May of '05 and I am so tired of not being 100%. If this is permanent, tell me and I'll learn how to adapt. If it can be fixed, then FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving the bus just makes it worse, but I'm holding on as long as I can since we're helping to pay for the wedding. If I have to go out on WC, then at least it's 2/3 pay and not taxed.
Sorry, didn't mean to dump all this. Mike tries to understand but he's so darn healthy and in shape, he thinks a little exercise will cure everything.

Linda J was kind enough to send me instructions on how to load things onto my sidebar, and I'm finally going to give it a shot once I locate all my UFOs, flimsies, and UFTs.

Once again, Happy New Year to all my blogger friends, you have enriched me more than you know. I promise to visit more of you and to stay in touch.


Sweet P said...

Happy New year to you as well! I can relate to a DH who is healthy and thinks "just a little exercise" will help those aches and pains. I have recurring shoulder and back pain and usually end up in physical therapy once a year. I hope you get an answer soon!

Patti said...

Eileen, I have no idea whether or not your problem is permanent, but I can certainly sympathize with the way my back has felt this past month. I know how bad the pain can get, and when it does there is just nothing you can do. Neither sitting nor standing nor laying down nor walking seem to help. I sure hope they will authorize this MRI so you can get some answers.

I'm a big procrastinator too, but setting vague goals like I've done for next year has really seemed to help. Why don't you give it a try?

Linda_J said...

Happy New Year, Eileen--you have been missed. The t-shirt quilt turned out well even though it was not necessarily a fun task for you.

Looks like the panto storage will work out great for your needs--good thinking!

Hope that 07 finds a solution, any solution to your continuing problems--if the point of injury was 05 this certaily has gone on too long for you.

Jeri said...

Nice panto & ruler storage, Eileen. I like the organization!

My sympathies on the Workers Comp situation. My husband was injured on the job in 2004 (broken back) and I understand how WC dictates your treatment and runs your life. The worst part is that "they" aren't as educated as your doctors; the best part is getting a doctor who hates WC as much as you do and will find a way to fight for what you need. Right now my DH is getting physical therapy disguised as "massage" because WC will pay for massage but not PT. Crazy.

Jeri at

cher said...

and I promise to try and stay more current with reading your blog! good luck with your personal goals..but, keep in mind it takes baby steps to change be kind and patient with yourself along the process!