Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 14th

Last night we had the rehearsal and dinner. What a great group we have for this wedding! The rehearsal was quick and then we went to a local Irish place called "Harp & Whistle". We had our own server, and they cordoned off a whole section for us.
Great food, great conversation. I sat back and just looked at everyone having a good time. I read a couple of poems to the kids that I had gotten off the net, and there were some tears.
Most of the groomsmen have been part of our lives/family since early childhood. It feels so good now.
I love Alicia for loving David. She's the new daughter of my heart.

Tomorrow's the wedding. The ceremony is at 6:30 and the reception will end at midnight. The catering place is so elegant, I think we'll have an awesome time.
I've had my doubts over the past months about my baby boy getting married so young. He's only 24. But like Mike said this morning, "Just because we weren't ready at 24 doesn't mean he's not."
God bless my children, David, Keri and now Alicia.


Gail said...

Enjoy your son's wedding, and many blessings on the happy couple.

Patti said...

I'm glad the wedding went so well. I'm sure its a bittersweet feeling now that it's all over. I know you seemed somewhat stressed over this for awhile, so it probably feels a little like a letdown and a relief at the same time. Now you can begin to get back to normal.