Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just another day on the planet

My Mom had her surgery last Thursday, and they were not able to repair the rotator cuff. It was a very large tear and parts of it were older so there wasn't enough muscle to pull across to do the repair. The surgeon did scrape(isn't that an awful word?)a lot of the arthritis out so she'll be more comfortable.
I am very frustrated with New York State and it's Medicaid program. My Mom is a retired nurse and does not get any money except her SS, yet her income is too high for her to have an in home aide from now on. She's entitled to one while she's recuperating, but not afterwards. She'd have to pay over $300 a month!!! I don't have the resources to pay out money like that either. It hurts that I can't help her more. She doesn't want to live with us, our house is almost 100 years old and she's always cold when she comes to visit. So there's no way she'd live here. I called the county office for the aging and every single senior complex here is full with a waiting list. Even the brand new ones-the lists started before construction. So for right now, she'll have to stay where she is-which is about 85 miles from me.
Keri's graduating college in 32 days. What's weird is that the school is holding the ceremony before finals. Her graduating's not in doubt, but what about those who are? Keri's going to be magna cum laude! I am in awe of her mind at times. Then she'll revert back to being my Pookie and just cuddle with me.
Dave and Alicia have a kitten. His name is Riley. He's supposed to be part ragdoll but that seems to be changing as he gets older. They got him from the local shelter and he is a cutie.
I seem to be in a funk again with the customer quilts. I've gotten several skewed backings lately and they're making me crazy! Why can't these manufacturers exercise some quality control? I'd rather pay a few dollars more to have fabric made in the US than some rag from Asia being passed off as quality goods. Can you tell I'm a little steamed here?
Gotta go add some borders to a lady's Mom's quilt that I'm finishing.
Have a great day.


debby said...

Glad to hear you are on the planet -- I was getting worried not hearing from you.

Good luck with your mom. And your quilts.

Jeanne said...

Oh, Eileen, sending you a {{hug}}! If you ever figure out the answer to aging parent challenge, please share it with me! W'eve been wrestling with it for a couple of years now.

Deb said...

Glad to hear from you. Will keep your Mom in my prayers. Terrible how this country treats it's elders. And that's going to be us in a couple weeks or so....

Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Eileen, I hate to throw in another kink to the medicaid problems but...has anyone chosen your mother's part D coverage for 2008? The deadline is approaching. I'm weeding through all kinds of paperwork for my mother trying to choose the right one. That has got to be one of the worst messes the government has ever come up with.

Kate said...

Hi I enjoyed your blog. I wish I was talented enough to quilt. Alas I am not. Computer writing (blogging, letter writing) is my forte I guess.

I totally understand how you feel about the Healthcare system. My Mom's medication costs out landish and she doesn't do the generic (they don't work for her)

Best of luck on both fronts..

Patti said...

Did you know the reason the fabrics are made here is because to get the wonderful colors, etc. that the quilting public demands chemicals are used that are outlawed here by OSHA because they are hazardous? I think of that every time I buy fabric - and have twingles of guilt - and shudder for the poor people in asia who don't have the protective laws in place that we do. However, I notice it doesn't stop me from buying the fabric.