Sunday, March 02, 2008

Using my Stash!!

Finally. I pulled, washed, pressed and am going to use a few fabrics from my stash. I'm making a convergence quilt from Ricky Tims' book of the same name. It's not a lot but hey, it's something. I have had major computer problems the past few weeks, so I lost all my pictures. They're locked in the hard drive of my old cpu. Dang!! Plus now I've run out of internal memory on the camera. I am going to have to learn how to work with that too.
I'm using 1 3/4 yards for the center of this quilt. I won't know about the border until this part is done. So stay tuned. If we can get all our little electronic ducks in line, I may even be able to post a picture.


Silverthimble said...

Wow! There was a small group of us this week who also decided to make Convergence quilts--using fabrics from our stash no less. Great minds think alike! I can hardly wait to see your verison!

Kevina said...

Well said.