Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We have progress...

The roof is done, the room is painted and the electrician is here putting up my new ceiling fan. The furniture isn't going back in until Friday because David has to come help Mike move the furniture.
I'm feeling very restless today. I can't settle to anything. I should be sewing the binding on a t-shirt quilt for a customer but I've been surfing the net. I have done some of the sewing but my fingers get sore. Yes, I'm doing it by hand. I know, I know. I'm going to learn how to do it by machine; Judy L. put a tutorial on her blog, http://www.patchworktimes.com/2009/06/05/binding-vide/ so I know I can do it.

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debby said...

I still remember bursting into tears when my living ceiling was redone. We waited 5 months for a contractor to come and I was so grateful, so thrilled.

Enjoy the progress.