Thursday, August 17, 2006


I've been so busy reading other people's blogs, I forgot to write in my own! I can't keep up with all of you-how do you do it? I was going to subscribe to bloglines, but some people have said they don't get all the updates. So does anyone have any other suggestions?
I so want to do Judy's one hour a day but life keeps getting in the way. The new desktop arrived on Monday-they put a rush on it. Then, last evening while I was at book club, Mike got a phone call from the online store saying they were shipping my desktop. UH OH. Well, we'll just refuse the delivery if another one shows up.
I went to see the surgeon on Tuesday, and he told me that the fusion has not completely taken yet. He saw some movement in the x-rays. So he didn't release me to go back to work on September 5th, he wants to reevaluate on the 19th. I told my job and found out there are lots of state laws that come into play when we can't start work on the first day of school. Welcome to NY-the land of over-taxing and micro-managing.
Then I went to my primary physician yesterday and he confirmed that I have fibromyalgia. Oh joy! I can live with that. I also have to go to a dermatologist because he thinks I may have a minor skin cancer on my face. And an ENT because the surgeon may have disturbed some nerves when he went in so that's why I feel like there's something permanently lodged in my throat. Doesn't slow down the eating unfortunately.
At least the new bathroom is functioning. When we turned on the new shower, there was a leak, but Mike fixed it and all we have to do is hang the towel racks and it'll be DONE!!!!
This afternoon, we're going to put my new sewing table/desk together. So I'd better get in gear and finish the customer quilt on the machine so I can get the next one on and help Mike.
This went on too long, but sometimes it helps to get things written down.


Melzie said...

I hope all comes out good on the healthnews front. Bloglines saved my LIFE its awesome, no more clicking thru unupdated blogs! I havent had any trouble that I know of with updates. Its worth the time to set it up to be sure :D xoxo melzie

Gail said...

Bloglines is worth it, I'm not aware of missing any updates (some might be a little slower than others)and sometimes I actually get an update that I have already read. It does save time and effort. I hope that all goes ok with the doctors and they get you well soon. Tell the school that there would be a whole lot more paperwork if you had an accident driving that schoolbus while you were supposed to be on sick leave!! Morons!

Linda_J said...

Bloglines is still a time saver if you routinely read a lot of blogs--I would "go for it" if you are finding yourself clicking through ones that are not updated too often or in general, wasting time on the computer.

Not perfect, yes, but what is?? Certainly no control over online store desktops, health situations and bureaucratic nonsense, is there, LOL?

computerpeach said...

I agree - bloglines is great. To respond to Gail's comment about reading blogs that have already read. You can change the updated threads from "treat as new" to ignore - then you won't get the notification when they add something to it or correct a spelling mistakes.

Karen said...

Wow that's a lot going on healthwise; just hang in there and be strong.

Finn said...

Hi Eileen, boy, oh boy, that sounds like an awfully lot to deal with. And one of those would be plenty. I'll hope a good thought for you that all will work out the best possible way.
It is hard to fit it all in, isn't it?? Life, quilting, life, quilting..and then the "stuff". But it's so nice to have you with us in blogland. Hugs, Finn

cher said...

hope these health issues get handled in positive ways-good luck with the new desk!

Sweet P said...

Bloglines is great. Really helps to cut down spent on surfing through blogs that haven't been updated yet. You do have a lot on your health plate right now. Stay positive and things will work out in the end.

I'm glad to hear the bathroom is done and that your new table will be put together soon.

Susan said...

After reading your entry, I wonder when you *ever* have time to quilt! Retirement helps, though.

Nancy said...

Yes Bloglines does have a few problems but it's much better than clicking thru dozens of sites to find the ones who've updated. So I just go thru my whole blog list about once a week to make sure I haven't missed anything.

(((HUGS))) to you. Hopefully you'll get your health/work problems sorted out soon.

The Calico Cat said...

bloglines - saved me hours of looking at blog that are not updated very often... (Even if they miss a few - it is not "that" much... Trust me, I was away from blogging for a week...)

Still catching up. :o)

feel better soon.