Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Sorry I haven't written in a few days. It's been brutal here, and I don't have a/c in the living room/office where the computer is. The baby animal quilt is done, done and will be delivered today. Mike has to download the photos from the camera to his computer and then share them with me, so I 'll have them tomorrow, hopefully.
Not much going on around here, still waiting for the bathroom to be done so I can work on my sewing area. I am so looking forward to having a permanent place to sew. I even bought a ft writing desk as a new sewing table. Just have to assemble it.
What amazes me about this heat is that we are living in 2006, the 21st century, and the utility companies can't handle it. New York City is suffering through blackouts, fires in manholes and on utility poles! This is unacceptable-why are they still operating with equipment and cables/wiring from the 1950s-60s? I know other major cities are the same. Isn't it sad that a few hot days can bring these cities to their knees? Then they have the nerve to raise rates when they're not doing anything to alleviate the situation. It makes me crazy!!!
Okay, rant is over. I feel better now. Not cooler, just calmer. I have to be extra careful with heat because I've gone to the ER in the past with heat exhaustion and had to be put on IV. They told me then that now I'm predisposed. Isn't that just peachy. So I do as much as I can early in the morning and then just veg out for the afternoon and evening.
I think I'll pull out my Quilted Diamond project this evening. Mike has to march in a parade, Keri is working, so I'll sit with some handwork. As much as I love it, it goes very slow for me. So I'll just keep plugging.
Have a great day and stay cool.


Linda_J said...

I heard last night on the news that it has been 11 years since it has been this hot and in a sustained heat wave nationwide---my guess, the power companies just hope for the best any other year and replace it when it has to be replaced and not one second before. Of course, charging us to pay for the improvements that they MIGHT decide to make in advance. That is my rant.

Sorry that you are dealing with this in light of your health situation. Makes me wonder how many people will be investing in a/c if they don't currently have it or just in limited spots in their house.

debby said...


If it makes you feel any better, remember that I'm suffering right along with you -- also without A/C. I'm investigating moving to Iceland. Wanna come with me? They could use 2 new longarm quilters, don't ya think?

Stay cool. Avoid the ER. Only one more day of this!


Screen Door said...

Lots of fluids, old movies and hand quilting. It's a great prescription of the heat.

Sweet P said...

The heat has been tough on everyone. I'm fortunate to have central air since we live in a commercial building and our office also has A/C. Let's just say I haven't been going outside unless I absolutely have to go out.

Stay cool and comfortable. I can't wait to see how your new sewing table works.

Tracey said...

You are SO right on the utility companies! But, of course they'll continue taking our money and not using it for what they SAY they will. >:o(
Yes, please do take it easy during this heat. I imagine the folks that sell a.c. are having some booming sales themselves!