Sunday, September 17, 2006

This is the last of my fall quilts. I looked all over and discovered I only have 3. I don't even have one for my bed. I got this as a kit about 4 or 5 years ago when the Mancuso show was in Greensboro, NC. One of my sisters-in-law lives down there, so we were able to attend the show and visit her at the same time. It sat for a couple of years until I finally decided to get it over with. The leaves are fused on, and it's supposed to look random like they just fell there. Then it sat unquilted until after I had carpal tunnel surgery. Once the doctor gave me clearance, I wanted to do something simple, so I just did an all over meander and put veins in the leaves. After it was done, it actually looked pretty good. Now I have it hang in the dining area every fall, and I still like it.

I had lunch yesterday with a friend that I don't see often enough. It's hard to fit a year's worth of catch-up into one lunch. We have to try harder to see one another, it's definitely worth it.

I just came from church, they had a luncheon for those of us that help with religion. I'm with the 5th graders this year, I'm the aide for the teacher. Very nice of the ladies to do that for us.

I was supposed to go upstairs and do a customer's quilt, but since it's Sunday, I think I'll work on my own stuff this afternoon.

Hope you all have a great day, and enjoy your loved ones.


Shelina said...

That is a really pretty quilt. I have the fabric that you used for the border. I'm using it for my Dear Jane.

Cynthia said...

very nice Fall quilt. I like the way the leaves are placed on the quilt.

Gail said...

All this talk of 'autumn quilts', makes me want one, but I don't need another project now! LOL Its pretty.

Vicky said...

Reall beautiful quilt! The falling leaves are perfect!


Laura said...

I think fall quilts or quilts with autumn colors are my favorites! This one is a beauty!