Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A new week

The wedding is 18 days away. I have my dress, my hair's been colored. I need shoes, a manicure and a pedicure. Keri needs underwear so my friend can alter her dress. Last night I laid in bed imagining my baby boy saying wedding vows. It's tough. I can still see his baby curls in my mind, all the times he snuggled up on my lap. He was always a small child, so he was able to do that until he was around 12. Now I barely get a hug.
I like Alicia. I'm going to make the best of it-I will not be alienated from my son and any grandbabies that may come. I just miss my baby.
I just realized this morning that I'm going away the day after tomorrow! Dang-where did the time go? I've got a supply list to fill and I have to pack. No pressure..........
Mike and I went upstate to a friend's home on Friday. She just upgraded her machine from a shortarm to a Premier Plus. I love her studio-it's compact, but with space for everything. She's been quilting for customers for 14 years, and put her 2 boys through college with it. I am in awe of all she does.
Well, time to get going. The king size quilt on the machine won't quilt itself.


Connie said...

I relate to your nostalgia. When my third son married and moved out I cried. The other two were more matter-of-fact and I don't remember the heart-tugging that #3 son caused. Then once he was gone and I had adjusted I felt OK. But when they drove off I felt my heart sink just a little.

Tracey said...

i found you again! yeah for me! :oP
it's been good to catch up with you, but am so sorry to hear about your health. you hang in there!

tracey (quilt*junkie who is now at typepad)


Shelina said...

I'm sure it would be hard when your baby gets married. Make sure you keep thinking of it as a positive milestone in his life, and you are adding a new daughter. How was your class?