Sunday, May 20, 2007

She's home

I miss Keri when she's away at school. I really do. But I forget how much havoc she can wreak when she comes home. My living room is filled with boxes; she can barely turn around in her room because of all the stuff from her dorm room. And she wants help NOW! all the time. Am I a bad mother because I love the peace and quiet when she's at school? We'll get into a routine, I know. She'll be working and we'll talk like we used to. But for now, ARGHHHHHHH!

I'm going to a weekend class on the 31st with a teacher named Esterita Austin. I want to learn something new, and her quilts intrigue me. It's a full 3 days. I'm going with a friend so I won't have to share a room with a stranger. If anyone has taken a class with her, tell me how you liked it. I'm really looking forward to just immersing myself in it without having to worry about anything. We're going to a B&B with a gourmet chef. How's that for a great class environment?


Ruth's Place said...

Sounds like a marvellous environment for a class. I hope you have a great time.

Linda_J said...

It is all in what you get used to, I guess. When she was growing up, it was all part of the hubbub and chaos of raising a family. When she comes in now it must feel like your home has been invaded.

Love that new panto you were trying out--adds a lot of texture to the quilt top.

Sorry to hear that you have more surgery looming on the horizon but hopefully, they will get you fixed up good as new. The side effects you are experiencing now cannot be good.