Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Art quilting

I took a class at MQX with Robbi Joy Eklow this year. I still haven't finished the class project, but I will. It's a still life in great colors.

A friend and I took a class with Esterita Austin in May. I actually finished the quilt top but I have no idea how to quilt it. The picture shows our classroom at the 1889 Greenville Inn in upstate NY-it was a converted carriage house. It was a 3 day class, with gourmet meals. We're going back next year for a landscape quilt class. Can't wait. I'll post a pic and maybe seeing it online will help me decide what I want to do.
I have so many ideas crashing into each other in my head. It's just hard to get them out, ya know? I've got to find out how other people fit inspiration into their days. They all seem so productive.
I have a goal-the still life will be fused onto it's background this week!! So there.


debby said...

Pictures, please!!!!!

As for inspiration, I usually find it strikes without much warning. I can help it along a little bit by clearing some of the clutter out of my head and relaxing a bit (relaxing doesn't happen nearly often enough). Driving is usually some good thinking time.

Good luck with your quilt! Have fun in VA.

Suzanne Earley said...

Sometimes I find the answer is just putting one foot in front of the other and doing IT -- whatever IT is...a friend and I keep talking about just going into our studios and doign SOMETHING, ANYTHING, even if it's the "wrong" -- just as long as we are DOING, things seem to have a way of happening....