Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back again

We're home from vacation-we were in Orlando, Florida for a week. DH Mike is so security conscious that I didn't want to take a chance on him going ballistic if I posted it here or over on Facebook. I'll post pics very soon; we were there for our Boy Scout band. They played before the 3pm parade on Main Street USA and they were outstanding!!
The heat and humidity were brutal-I was "glowing" like a pig and drinking gallons of water. I've had hear exhaustion before and I don't want it again. No way.
I didn't go near any quilt shops! I KNOW-I can't believe it either. lol I decided that I could find anything I need here; they wouldn't have anything my LQS's don't. I did bring my applique bag and I did some stitching on my Floribunda block 1. Not much though. We were on the go most of the time. We even went to the Arabian Nights dinner show. It's a lot like Medieval Times but with a flair all its own, including gypsies and cowboys. Interesting, huh?
Now I have to get on the ball-start pushing out customer quilts, get a Hudson Valley/Upstate NY SAQA parlor meeting. I have never done anything like that before. How does one do a parlor meeting? See, that's what I mean. I have some work cut out for me. I'd better start now!!

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