Monday, October 02, 2006

It's October-WOW!!

I can't believe it's October already. This year has flown by. Dave and Alicia are getting married in June, and I wanted to lose 30 pounds by April so that I wouldn't have to buy my dress at Omar the Tentmaker's shop.
So here's my new goal: I am going to try to lose 4 pounds a month from now until April. That will be 6 months/24 pounds. I can live with that. I figure if I write it down, maybe I'll stick to it.
I've seen other blogs where you've listed your October goals, so I'm going to do that too:

October goals:
1. Finish last 3 pieced blocks for the Harvest Spice quilt.
2. Get started on t-shirt quilt for customer.
3. Get binding done on yellow quilt for customer.
4. Finish piecing the August hour a day quilt.
5. Work on my applique UFOs-one by Piece O'Cake and one by Pat Campbell.

I don't see these as too ambitious, do you?

My local guild had it's biennial show this weekend. My Thimbleberries Quilter's Garden got a 3rd place and 2 of my customers' quilts got a 3rd and an Honorable Mention. There's another local LAer who had at least 10 quilts in the show and she did very well. I told Mike that is because she gets to do it full time. I'm not jealous, just wishful. I'd love to be able to quilt full time. But it's not in the cards right now. Oh well. I am very happy about my ribbon, haven't gotten one in a while. And in her comments, the judge liked my binding!!! Woohoo!! I have never gotten good comments on my bindings before.

I talked to a wonderful lady at one of the vendors' booths. Her name is Jo Coons and she designs the most wonderful applique designs. Her website is: I was telling her about a project Mike and I want to do for next year's MQX, and she is going to work with us on the colors for the hand dyes. What a compliment. I asked her how she gets so much accomplished and she told me that she gets all her prep work done and then sits down in the evening to do the stitching. She can just sit and stitch without having to do anything else. I like that idea.

I keep trying to get around to everyone's blog, but life gets in the way. So I apologize. I have a question-how many blogs on your list is too many? And do you try to leave comments on each one? That's what I find the hardest.
I am going to try to remember gratitudes. Here's some for today:

A day at home to quilt
Beautiful fall sunshine
Doing stuff I love

No pics today, sorry. I'll have to get some of the show pics out of the camera and onto the computer.


Patti said...

Your October goal list looks well thought out. I have no idea whether it's too ambitious for you or not - I guess it depends on how much time you think you will have. I do know that publishing it will help you stick to it.

I don't know how many blogs are too many LOL! I have 135 on my bloglines list. Thank goodness they don't all post every day! I leave comments when I have something to say, or when I want to comment on a picture. I certainly don't comment on every post, but I try to make sure I comment at least 1-2 times a week on each blog that I visit.

Shelina said...

Congratulations on your showing in the quilt show. Ribbons are certainly nice. Good luck on your October goals. They look well thought out, and you can do as much or as little as you want on them.
Good luck also on your weight loss. I've found it works better if you have specific goals - like I will exercise x times a week for x minutes, or I will limit my calories to x, or I will stop eating / drinking x.
I have 118 lists - must find the others Patti has - LOL. I am often running behind in visiting them. I try to visit the ones I haven't seen recently - the ones that have the most posts, (this way I can see a lot of posts at one time) and then I try to leave at least one comment on their blog so they know that I have been there. Don't feel obligated to comment though - I usually get about 70 peeping toms, uh I mean people visiting my blog and only three to seven actually comment.

Bonnie said...

It is hard to get around to everyone's blog. I try to keep up with all the Stash Quilt blogs and then I have some other quilting blogs I like to read. There are also some counted cross-stitch blogs I enjoy. I do not leave comments on all the blogs. To be truthful, if the blog is long and wordy I may not even read it. I look for pictures and especially quilting pictures and ideas.
I looked at the link you showed and her applique work is wonderful.

Nadine said...

Eileen, we are definitely living on the same planet : I haven't made my list yet, but I KNOW that I have weight to loose, for sure. Your plan about that seems quite realistic, I'll stick to it with you ! Let's diet together !
I think we could even find a special pattern and make X blocks a month, for each pound lost... And we could name it "The diet quilt". What do you think ? I'm serious !

(Thanks for your kind words on my blog).

cher said...

like Bonnie, I mostly read Stash blogs and a few others too-if there are too many comments I am less likely to leave one..but try and leave one once a week at least. I joined WW and I am losing a pound a week it's very do-able-you can do it too! your goals sound good-good luck!

debby said...


You can do it! Has the doc cleared you for any exercise yet? Just walking will help a lot.

Happy quilting!

Linda_J said...

congrats on the ribbons, Eileen! Are you feeling in better in general?

The Calico Cat said...

I have photos of my shelves = to be blogged tomorrow or Friday...

Judy said...

I have 74 blogs on my feed and some are ones I just can't get to all the time. I don't comment on every blog post, but try to hit just about all of them on a roatating basis as I have time. Like Patti, I try to comment 1 or 2 times per week on each, or I'll make one comment for three posts and include everything in one. It's hit or miss and I still like to have time for quilting!!

Congrats on winning a ribbon!! Good job! I went to her site and it's neat stuff, did you see the thread? I was wondering how well it works. I've been looking for a new thread to use for applique and I like that hers are in packs of colors.

The Calico Cat said...

Guess what I just posted...