Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lazy Day Sunday

I thought I'd get upstairs and work on a customer's quilt today. Well, that didn't happen. I sat down and read just about everybody's blogs and even got to comment on some. One that I came across was Quilting Daze's post about not wanting to quilt. I've been where she's at, so I can really feel what she's going through.
Another blog I read was Nancy's-where she made comment about going around the ring to read. So that's what I did and guess what? I found some I'd not read before. Like Smokey in the Netherlands. I got hooked on Bloglines and missed some great posts.
I read Jeanne's posts about Jan Patek and checked out Jan's quilts. Love 'em but have too much on my plate right now. What's funny is-I was just standing at my kitchen sink getting ready for dinner and looked at my AP&Q '06 calendar. There's October staring me in the face and the quilt pictured is by Joined at the Hip quilts. Very similar to Jan's style. Well, duh. I got the patterns for all the quilts with the calendar, so I can give it a try when I'm ready and I won't have to spend a dime.
Nothing on the quilty side except I straightened out my sewing area. I say area because I've lost part of the room to just about everything that has no home in my house. I swear this junk multiplies while I sleep.
Anyway, just wanted to touch base and say hi.
By the way, Judy L's November quilt looks like it'll be fun. Hope I can join in, but I do have to finish August's first. (Sigh)


Linda_J said...

Hi, Eileen---I know that bloglines does miss a few of the ring participants for some reason. Just have to remember to check back now and again, I guess. I have only read spottily the past few days and here it is 11 pm and I'm just getting round "tuit"

Tazzie said...

Don't feel too bad Eileen, I'd like to make August's quilt, and I haven't even started it. It's almost November!

Diana said...

Are you the same Eileen on the machine quilters list? I try to read that as often as I can and enjoy the postings. I'm trying the Quilt for an Hour this time and I think its inspired me to at least move fabric around and cut some more up!

Owens Family Adventures said...

Hi! I do the same others blog postings. Before I start quilting for the day I like to hop online and see what the other ladies are doing. For some reason just knowing that there are women out there quilting gives me the "warm fuzzies" and I'm off!! heehee Love your blog!

Finn said...

Hi Eileen, sounds like you are on a journey of discovery..*VBS*
It's frustrating that there are so many quilts to make, AND so many blogs we want to read, but only so many hours in the day.
I love reading every one I have found(even without bloglines*G*) but can't manage it every day....and lately I can't even manage it every few days. One just hope that the blogger doesn't take that personally, ya know??? *VBS*
How exciting to be seeing that calendar page and know you have the pattern to do, if and when you want to! Good job of NOT starting the Nov. quilt...I want to also, but am not sure when. Hugs, Finn