Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A good day...

I had my followup at the surgeon's office yesterday. Only 2 weeks since the surgery(herniated disc) and he gave me the okay to go back on the longarm!!!!!!! He told me to take breaks every 20-30 minutes, and to start small. I'll take care of that animal baby quilt this morning, load another small one for tomorrow and call it a day.
I picked up "Classic Four Block Applique Quilts" by Gwen Marston yesterday. My son had given me a Borders gift card for my birthday, and I was just waiting for something special to use it on. I love hand applique, but I don't do enough of it. I like the idea of having a basket of hand work near my chair to do at night while DH is watching TV.
Here's a photo of the "Road to Ireland" quilt I did a few years ago. It's from "Fat Quarter Quilts" by M'lissRae Hawley. It's quilted with Linda Taylor's Feather Meander. I keep it draped over my Hinterberg floor hoop that I haven't used since I started machine quilting.
I have these great, bright fat quarters that have been calling my name. I think they'll become either a Yellow Brick Road or maybe I'll cut them up into squares for 4 patches. I still have 5 blocks on the Harvest Spice BOM to cut out and stitch. Again, I swear-no more kits!!!
I have a question for anyone out there. How do you bring yourself to start thinning out your magazines? They are taking over way too much space in my whole house. But it breaks my heart to try to go through them and tear out what I want to keep.


jpquilter said...

Hi there - thanks for posting a comment on my blog - I think you will like that Gwen Marston book - she is an inspiration to me too.
My dh just had back surgery - bone spurs pressing on the nerves and a pretty damaged disc - he will be on the mend most of the summer so I am spending my summer vacation working on quilt stuff and putting together little applique blocks to work on while we relax.
can't wait to see the blocks you decide to do.

Linda_J said...

The quilt looks wonderful, Eileen. Good that you can get back to the longarm if you promise to be good and ease into the work. I know that you have been chomping at the bit!

I guess that I am more ruthless than you when it comes to tossing stuff---often lately there are few projects in the mags that really interest me so that makes it really easy. I have not torn into my old APQs, Quitmakers or Fons and Porters but the rest that I used to subscribe to are gone with the wind except for those things that really interest me or I would be likely to make.

Finn said...

Neat quilt Eileen!! I saw Linda J. mention that you had made a Road to Ireland also, and had to pop over and say "hi", and see your quilt. I love it!!

Shelina said...

That is a pretty quilt. Oh dear, thinning out magazines is what I have been doing the last few weeks.
Here's the plan I used last year: First, I made a plan. I decided what to do with each magazine. I decided that I was going to automatically give away all my women's and financial magazines to someone on freecycle . I know that when I read them, so much of it is must plain common sense and not really anything that I would miss terribly. So I knew that Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Women's Day, etc. all went to free cycle. Once that decision was made I could open the box, and easily just go through to look at the names of the magazines. At that point I was firm that I was not to go through the magazines, other than to look at the title, and tear off the address label. I had more than 7 boxes of magazines and I gave them away two at a time.
This year I only have one box I am going through and unfortunately I have been flipping pages to see what is in there.
I kept all my quilt and craft magazines, so I'm no help to you there.