Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Okay, this is me. Now, how do I get this in my profile?


Sweet P said...

Hi Eileen!
I read your blog and it's coming along well. You say you want to know what it inspires other quilters. Well, I get inspired by looking at pictures of quilts and then not making exactly as they are described. Every quilt I have made has some tweak to the design whether it was the fabric choice or the placement of blocks.

As for adding your picture to your profile I think you do that when you are editing your profile.

Linda_J said...

click on edit profile from your dashboard page
this might be the addy

open your picture up to get the url for it
in this case it is

Then copy/paste that address into the spot on the edit page where it says Photograph

Be sure to scroll down to save profile and it should show up there.

CAUTION though: if the picture is too big for the space you are trying to put it in, it MAY make everything in your sidebar slide on down too low. You may need to resize your picture in your photo editing stuff, repost it to get the url and try it again.

I saw your note to Patti that you were on the stash quilt waiting list. It is good to get to know the group and how things work in the meantime. See you online!