Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's addictive!

I find myself reading so many people's blogs everyday! I love this little glimpse into their lives. Only problem is: I sit here when I should be working. A customer called yesterday and asked if her quilt would be ready for me to meet her this Saturday at the Quilt Basket, and I said sure...
Then I went up and looked at the dimensions. I have to do it. My bank account requires it. lol
I just have to eat breakfast, shower and get my butt in gear.


Screen Door said...

Rough day... Business week. Thanks for the comment on my site. Just when I get discouraged, a quilter comes to my rescue. Thanks a bunch. Hopefully I'll type a new post in couple of hours.
take Care...Melanie

Finn said...

We all seem to suffer from that same affliction. Too much time reading and enjoying blogs and not enough time quilting..but isn't it great to have these connections???