Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rough night

I was up very early this morning. Last night was not a good one. I'm trying to learn to not sleep on my stomach, not good for the neck incision. But it was the only way I could sleep, so I woke up a lot with a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders and upper arms.
I'm planning on cutting out some Quilted Diamonds pieces to take with me on Saturday. I found some beautiful batik fat quarters in my stash that I had forgotten about. I swear I'm going to start washing everything as soon as it comes into the house! I spent last evening washing and pressing, and I'm sure that contributed to my bad night.
I will have the house to myself this evening, so I think I'll work on the baby quilt that needs to be finished by next month.
Since I haven't been on my longarm for almost 2 weeks, I have to run the auto warmup and give her a good oiling.
I want so badly to be able to stay home this fall and work my business and maybe expand it into making quilts on commission. I don't want to get back on that bus! I am such a homebody, which surprises the @#$% out of me. I used to want to be out all the time, doing stuff. Now I'm happy when I'm home, even though home is permanently under construction. I love vacations, but I love coming home more.
Enough for now; obviously I haven't had enough coffee. lol

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Sweet P said...

I like being a homebody too. I enjoy going to the occasional family get together or dinner out with friends, but I can't wait to get back home. Vacations are fun, but I've had to compromise with Bruce because he likes to go, go, go while on a trip and I would rather stay in one place for a few days before going to another place.

I hope you're recover is coming along better. What kind of surgery did you have?