Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nothing quilty going on here lately. I've been busy with a customer's quilt since Monday. It's the Countryside Cottage BOM from Joann's. She wants it exactly like the picture on the pattern. Can I say I hate custom??????????
Yesterday was Mike's birthday, and he had a great day. Our son and fiancee joined in for the gift giving, she's definitely a keeper. He and I went to the Monticello Raceway Casino, and came home only down $70.00. We had dinner at the buffet, and it was an all-round relaxing afternoon and evening.
I've got the binding sewn onto the front of the animal baby quilt, and will start hand stitching it down this evening.
I can't wait for the bathroom to be done, then all the stuff that belongs in there will be out of my sewing area. Mike and our daughter are painting as we speak, a nice soft yellow. All new fixtures, right down to the floor.
My eyes are dilated right now so the screen is shimmering in front of me. I was in the eye doctor's examining room for over an hour, having tests done to make sure I don't have glaucoma and that the floaters aren't getting any worse. They have all sorts of new machines to test vision now, it's gotten very precise.
We're going out to dinner tomorrow evening with another couple. The husband has the same birthday as Mike. We're doing dinner and a movie. Not only are they "going out to dinner" friends, she's started quilting, and wants me to machine quilt her tops. She's in my group that meets once or twice each month.
That's about it for now. I'm going to try to show some photos soon. They're all in Mike's computer, so I have to email them to mine.
Have a great evening.


Linda_J said...

Oh, I hope you were not trying to quilt with those eyes dilated--probably not as you said that was the project you had in the frame.

Happy Birthday to Mike then and enjoy your evening out.

Shelina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I agree that it is frustrating when people can't see the value of having a customized quilt made for them. They choose a quilt they like, and want one exactly like it. That's happened to me several times. Usually these are people I am teaching how to quilt. I haven't made that many for people. I have made macrame purses when I was younger, and everyone wanted the same exact pattrn, so I was incredibly bored making 10 purses that were exactly the same.
Yep, I used to enjoy going to the eye doctor, but now they have those light tests, and lately they have some chemical they put in your eyes to see them dilated that makes you blind fo rhalf a day.