Sunday, January 28, 2007

Better Late than Never!

Here's my "flimsy" of the Aug/Sept Hour a Day quilt. It came out pretty good, if I may say so. The green in the border looks very "lime" in the photos, but in reality it's from the Roseville collection, and it just pulled everything together. Now I can start the next baby quilt which has to be done by 2/24 for the baby shower. The baby is a girl and the mom's favorite colors are pink and sage green. I had the pink, but I'm really short of greens, so I had to get some. I'll try to cut the strips one evening this week.

I had my MRI last week, and went to the doctor this week for the results. Unfortunately, the place where I had the test done never faxed over the report to the doctor. Isn't that special? So she checked out my films and said there wasn't anything showing. Well, then she called me to read the report, she was on my voice mail and the message ran out before she could tell me what is going on. All the message said was that there's a ridge of bone near where I had the fusion and it's pressing on the nerves. So that's where all my pain is coming from. We've been playing phone tag, but I think I'm going to call and ask for an appointment to find out what's going on. This has gotten very old.

The Teamsters' union has been voted in at a couple of other bus barns owned by First Student, the company I work for. We're waiting to see what the negotiations get for them before we commit ourselves. But it's already making things very tense at work. People are at each others' throats, not a pleasant work environment. I keep plugging away at my longarm, hopefully I'll have enough business one day to walk away from the bus.

Not much news on the wedding front. Keri and the other bridesmaids picked out their dresses, and the guys will be going for their tuxes soon. I went to a dress shop and the woman told me to come back in April because they're seasonal. That's fine with me-maybe I can drop a few pounds before then.

Mike and I are going to a friend's for a Christmas in January dinner this afternoon. Good friends, good food and good conversation. Can't ask for more than that.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Should I or Shouldn't I??

Every time I click on the dashboard of my blog, it says to switch to the "New Blog". I have to confess, I'm not one of those people who try new stuff just for the heck of it. But, since a lot of you all have switched, maybe it won't be so bad. :)
I finally finished the first hour a day blocks!! It's a quilt top! All I have to do is add borders, which I'll do this weekend. I have another baby quilt to get done. The shower's the 24th of February. I had to buy some fabric for it, I'm very low in the green category. I'll try to post pictures of both by the weekend.
I've been very busy trying not to butt into my son's life. I know he's a grown man. Sometimes I look at him and think, "Dang-I gave birth to him?" But I'm having a hard time letting go. And I like Alicia. Imagine if I didn't like her. Wow!
I'm at an impasse here-not having enough time or energy for all the things I want to do. I had another MRI last Thursday, and I'll see the doctor this Wednesday to find out what it read. I'm having a lot of tingling, pins and needles, pain and spasms on the right side and now I've got a burning sensation up my left wrist, right where that bone sticks out. I can't say anything at work, they're already looking at me funny because I'm driving mostly with only one hand. You're not supposed to do that on a schoolbus.
I've been trying to get around the ring, I think I'm going to have to cut back if I want to stay in touch with everybody.
I know I said I'd do better for the new year, so I figure-better late than never.
Anybody here going to New Hampshire for MQX in April???

Monday, January 01, 2007

New panto storage

Here's my first organizing project for 2007. It's not the prettiest on the block but it'll work for me. Mike and I put up plastic over the wall and secured one side of 2"wide velcro strips to it vertically. This way, if I want to change it, I won't tear my wall apart. Lots of people saved their paper towel rolls for me and I stuck the other side of the velcro to each one. They're up on the wall in alphabetical order, and Mike is making labels.
I can't believe I waited over 5 years to do this. Dang, I AM a slow learner. :)

One more thing

I promise to visit you all more often and to stay in touch. We create these friendships, so I should let you know that I appreciate all of you. Have a happy, healthy, quilty New Year!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No photos today, I just want to add to many blogs I've been catching up on. So many of you have great goals for 2007 that I'm thinking of setting my own. I don't usually do resolutions or goals because I'm such a slouch and procrastinator.
Today, Mike and I are finishing up my new and improved panto storage!!! I've had it with crawling around on the floor for 1/2 hour every time I need a pattern. I'll take a couple of pictures, maybe it'll help someone else who is fighting with all their pantos.
I still have 2 pieced blocks of the Harvest Spice quilt to do, and then I can get to the putting together stage. I want this quilt done, I may be giving it to the Precious Twins as a wedding gift.

My main goal this year will be to stop procrastinating over the smallest thing. I drive myself and Mike crazy because I will put things off till the last minute and then laugh and say that I work well under the gun with a deadline. Well, guess what? This genius doesn't do well under pressure at all! So, I'm going to stop. End of discussion.

I was supposed to have another MRI this past week because this new doctor I'm going to says that she thinks I still have a pinched nerve. I say supposed to since Workers Comp hasn't authorized the MRI, so I'm completely at a standstill. If anyone knows what I can do, please feel free to email me privately or comment on the blog and let me know. I got hurt in May of '05 and I am so tired of not being 100%. If this is permanent, tell me and I'll learn how to adapt. If it can be fixed, then FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving the bus just makes it worse, but I'm holding on as long as I can since we're helping to pay for the wedding. If I have to go out on WC, then at least it's 2/3 pay and not taxed.
Sorry, didn't mean to dump all this. Mike tries to understand but he's so darn healthy and in shape, he thinks a little exercise will cure everything.

Linda J was kind enough to send me instructions on how to load things onto my sidebar, and I'm finally going to give it a shot once I locate all my UFOs, flimsies, and UFTs.

Once again, Happy New Year to all my blogger friends, you have enriched me more than you know. I promise to visit more of you and to stay in touch.