Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finding the Muse

I just read an enewsletter from Laura Cater-Woods. In it she talks about finding the time to go into the studio and get something, anything done. It's all a matter of scheduling. I've made up my mind to get my house in order this week and really start to plan my days. I'm setting October 1st as my launch date, and writing it down here makes me accountable.

It's going to be sweltering here in the Hudson Valley today-90 degrees! Where is autumn? I don't want to have to keep running the AC, but I can't breathe without it. Plus, woke up this morning with a little sore throat. I thought that if I wasn't on the bus, I wouldn't get the bug this years. We've always complained that the kids make us sick. Oh well..............
Gotta get upstairs.

Monday, September 24, 2007

What time of day are you?

You Are Sunrise

You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.
You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.
Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.
All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blue Monday

It's been a while since I've written but that's only because life has been pretty boring lately. I'm going through a slump where I don't want to do anything-not even work on customer quilts. Fortunately for them, I need the money so I'm working. Maybe it's because I'm not sleeping well. I do a lot of tossing and turning. Too bad it doesn't count as exercise. haha
Keri has switched what she wants to do. She's not changing majors, she's a senior graduating in December. She's been on the fence between school psychology and clinical. She spoke to an advisor who told her that what she wants to do is more in the social work/welfare field. So she's researching schools that have an MSW program. I just want her to be happy with her choice and happy in her life and work. She's had a tough road, and she deserves the best.
Do we ever stop worrying about our kids? David's married and now I worry about him AND Alicia. I've gone from 2 kids to 3. I hope that's normal. It's how my Mom and MIL have always treated inlaws.
I'm rambling, just trying to fill space so I'll say good night.

Monday, September 03, 2007

What color is your soul painted?

Your soul is painted the color yellow, which embodies the characteristics of joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, gold, hope, liberalism, sociability, friendship, death, courage, intellect, confidence, communication, travel, movement, attraction, persuasion, and charm. Yellow is the color of the element Air, and symbolizes the sun, grain, and the power of thought.