Friday, April 06, 2012

A little inspiration

I love texture, don't you? This is a dock near where I'm staying. Water fascinates me; I could sit all day just watching it flow in and out.

 This is the coolest sculture I've seen in a long time. It's called "The Wave". I think that says it all. People were lining up to have their pictures taken in front of it.

I was walking along one of the wharves that Newport has developed into shopping areas and there was this anchor. What's really great is the "flooring" around it is cork, so if a child climbs and falls, they'll land on a soft surface.

I'm grateful for how our timeshare works with points; I wouldn't have been able to come to Newport otherwise. It really is an old colonial town; some of the streets are so narrow, only the residents are allowed to drive on them. Going home tomorrow; back to reality.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday, Monday

So...what do you think? Not bad, huh? Well, this is the view from my window this week. See, we have this timeshare thing that uses points instead of weeks so we have to use or lose.

Long story short, I'm in Newport RI. DH Mike's studying and I'm doing handwork. We're not painting the town red or any other color, but we're here.

I'm going to MQX next Thursday. It's a tradition-I have to go or my year feels empty. Normally, I go for the whole week; this year it's for one day. I'm going with a guild friend and I'm looking forward to a pleasant ride and a great day. Anyone else going?