Friday, September 04, 2009

Visioning Project

I'm a member of SAQA and they're doing a Visioning Project. It's a year long endeavor to help fiber artists achieve goals they've chosen. It's scary putting myself out there for critiques but I really want to go beyond what I do now. I'll work on updating periodically so I can see my progress.
Labor Day is Monday; this was one of the longest summers of my life. I'm glad it's over.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Still no pictures. Just me. Just thinking.

I keep trying to find inspiration. It's been eluding me for quite a while now. Can one read one's self into being inspired? Can I force it to happen? What about creativity? Are they one and the same? I have lots of ideas, usually in the shower, but they go down the drain with the water.
I think my mind is dulled by too much bombardment. I'm a news and tv addict. I can't turn it off until I go to bed at night. For example, I watched ever minute of Teddy Kennedy's funeral. Just sat and watched hour after hour. This can't be good for anyone. I feel like I'm frozen; there's a wasteland in my brain. How do I start a green shoot?

I just read about doing something for 2 minutes; sit down and just do something I love doing for 2 minutes. It'll make me focus. Can I do it? Something to think about.

I don't want to sound like I'm whining. I'm not. I'm thinking out loud here. I'd like to meditate but how do I turn off my brain? It's spinning like a top.

I love music, especially instrumentals. No words to follow, just a flow of notes over me like waves. There's magic in music. Turn off the tv and turn on the music. That's what I'm going to do. Today is the first day of September, a new season is coming. The air is clear from the stickiness of August humidity.

I started a quilt last year that has haunted me. It's from the cover of the 2008 missalette from my church. It was of a painting that spoke to me. Every Sunday I sat and stared at it . I started but wasn't perfect so I put it away. I'm ready to start again. It needs to be made. I even got permission from the painter. It's time. Maybe my inspiration is there, waiting for me.

This musing has been good for me. It's like journaling. I wrote till I felt better. Today is a beautiful day.