Monday, October 15, 2007

Update on Mom

My son David drove me to my Mom's today. I got to speak to both her doctors and the social worker. She has a very large rotator cuff tear, which she will have the surgery for on Nov 1st. Same day surgery, and outpatient PT. She lives in a senior building that's associated with a nursing home and there's a PT facility in the nursing home. So she'll just have to walk across the garden. I thinkthat's great-she's very settled where she lives.
I finished frogging the quilt that I messed up the other day. Now I can get it back on the machine and get it quilted. Gotta keep on keepin' on. Know what I mean?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Anita wrote on the 2nd about my schedule that was supposed to start on the 1st. Well, that got shot to hell. I'm just running to catch up all the time. Too dang much time on this 'puter!!! I can only blame me-I'm losing all sense of discipline.
Wednesday was our 25th anniversary! No fanfare, just the comfort of knowing I'm still with my best friend. Dave and Alicia took us out to dinner; Keri was up in Albany. She came home yesterday and this morning we found a beautiful card from her. Awww. I'm very blessed with my family.
Yesterday afternoon I had an overwhelming urge to call my Mom. Turned out to be gut wrenching, but it's a good thing I did call. She's not doing well. A few weeks ago she hurt her shoulder closing a window in her apartment and had to have an MRI. That report says her shoulder is shot and she has to have surgery. Mind you, Mom is 88 years old. She broke down on the phone because she doesn't know what to do. David is taking me down on Monday. We'll get her laundry done and do some house cleaning for her. She has to see her own doctor to make sure she's in good health before surgery can be scheduled. I asked her if she'd had PT and she told me she went 9 times before the insurance denied it. I thought Medicare took care of seniors, so I'm going to be making some phone calls on Monday.
Mike and I are going down on the 22nd to help her out. I told her to make her doctor's app't for that day and I'll go with her. I need to understand what the heck is going on.
I should have stopped quilting once I spoke to her. I was very upset and angry at the whole medical system. But I thought doing just one more row would help me focus. It was the 2nd row of a panto-I didn't need to reposition anything. The laser light must have moved because now I'm frogging the entire row of stitch regulated stitches and the quilt is 84" wide. Smart me, huh?
Thank goodness for my zippers. I can get another quilt on the machine today. Mike's got drill weekend so I can work. I can't when he's home. I want to spend time with him, even after 25 years. Isn't that great?