Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One wedding shot

Here's one picture from the wedding. I'm the one in the blue shimmery dress. It has a jacket and it's made of washable silk. The lady in red is one of my very good friends, and you can see David's back and Alicia dancing next to us. Can you tell we're having a good time?
They went to Sandals in Antigua for the honeymoon. They ended up having to change rooms 3 times because of mold in the room. But they still managed to have a great time and they looked really good when they came to dinner last week.
My machine came home last week! It's back on the table and I even got to play a little yesterday. I'm going to take it slow for now, even though I have customer quilts up the yinyang.
Mike and I have decided that I'm only going to drive the bus 2 days a week come September. I'm working on a t-shirt quilt website and I'm taking in enough flimsies to offset the paychecks. If I can, I'm going to quit soon. It's getting harder to drive the bus anyway. People expect us to just let their little angels do what they want without consequences. Sorry-not on my watch.
I finally finished all the pieced blocks for my BOM Harvest Spice quilt. The months it was supposed to be done were 2 years ago. Okay, I'm a little slow. Maybe a lot. I get bored after the 4th or 5th block. So I'm not going to make big quilts anymore. I'll stick to wall hangings from now on. Everybody has a quilt or two or three on their bed, so I've covered that. haha
I'm going to try quilting a panto this afternoon. Something simple and not too big.
I want to get back into blogging so Judy will let me back into the ring, but it'll have to wait until I catch up on my life. I miss everybody and I'm trying to read but everyone keeps writing so that just when I think I'm almost up to date, I'm not. Oh well, I'll just keep plugging away here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We got home from Florida on the 30th, and I had my neck surgery on July 2nd. They went in from the back this time so the scar is under my hair.
I am getting my machine back tomorrow, thank goodness! It won't have the IS anymore, it'll be a Gammill Classic Plus. Unfortunately, I can't quilt until at least next week. I can't even drive right now.
The guild is having a sit and sew this evening. I don't usually go, but I have to do something! And no-I don't want any cheese with my whine.